Project Objectives



MySustainableForest aims at integrating Earth Observation (EO) significantly further into forestry realm, by demonstrating the advantage of incorporating EO based information into the daily decision making, protocols and operations of the different stakeholders across the silvicultural chain.

Thus, MySustainableForest covers technological, commercial, societal and political objectives as follows:

1. To provide an innovative, cost-effective and comprehensive service for sustainable forest management at commercial stage integrating advanced EO processing with meteorological information, in-situ data and customized forestry models to conduct sustainable forestry in the context of the forest industry needs (refer to WP2 and WP3). Services will find the right combination of different data sources to fulfil End-Users needs while fostering a collaborative open space for further transnational collaborative research, experimentation and future co-development within the forestry community.

2. To achieve the smart integration of services into End-Users working environment, ICT infrastructures and operational workflows (refer to WP2 and WP3) considering any needed End-User customization.

3. To demonstrate services value for End-Users in terms of the associated cost/benefit, quality service and business case of the EO downstream application in all EU forestry regions (refer to WP4, WP5, WP6).

4. To raise recommendations for policy makers in order to design instruments which will support EU forest owners to manage their forest based production on efficient sources of information for an optimal and responsible woodland exploitation (refer to WP6).