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  • STARTNov 19th - 9:30am

  • ENDNov 19th - 3:00pm

  • VENUEThe Forestry Dome


Croatian Stakeholders Workshop

MySustainableForest seeks the provision of geo-information services for integrated forest management, at precommercial stage, through a web service platform. Services combine in-situ data, satellite images from Copernicus satellite missions and other, LIDAR, airborne data and sound wave wood quality data.

Services address issues beyond wood production and industrial transformation, such as: forest conservation, needs and requirements relative to climate change adaptation measurements, guidelines for national forests plans, national reporting obligations to the EU, biomass and CO2 stock counts, long lasting drought impacts, rising public awareness with reference to these new technologies in the wood sector.

Who provides the services? The value added IT companies of MySustainableForest consortium shall produce and provide the services. Specifically:

  • GMV shall provide satellite based product;
  • Föra shall provide LIDAR based products;
  • MADERA+ shall provide wood quality products;
  • EFI shall provide the socioeconomic analytical products.

Who shall test services quality and integration into end user’s workflows? Some project partners are forest stakeholders, representing forest owners associations, transformation industries, research centres or national forest policy centres. Specifically, the following partners will test and validate the products:

  • RAIZ, large industrial wood producer and pulp transformer, shall validate products for Portugal, in the context of Mediterranean forests and eucalypt plantations.
  • CNPF, the French National Center of Forest Proprietors, shall validate products for France, in the context of Atlantic forests.
  • CFRI, the Croatian Forest Research Institute that handles the National Forest Policy shall validate the products for Croatia in the context of close to natural lowland oak forests.
  • FORESNA, the forest owner’s association of Navarre shall validate the products in Navarre, a strategic context that gathers Mediterranean, Atlantic and continental forests.
  • UFE, the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology of the Mendel University in Brno shall validate the products for the Czech Republic in the context of continental beech and beech & oak forests.
  • FOAL, the Forest Owners Association of Lithuania shall validate the products for Lithuania in the context of continental Scots pine, Birch and Spruce forests.

MySustainableForest Partners, through the Croatian Forest Research Institute, welcome all Croatian sector agents: forest managers, proprietors, sawmills, plantation managers, pulp producers, industrial timber producers, chemical-wood industries, policy makers, statistical officers and others.

Join us if you are interested in any of the following subjects: Sustainable forest management, protective functions of forest, forest damage, health and vitality, age and condition, biotic agents; biological biodiversity and forest fragmentation; monitoring systems and climate change adaptation; recreation, leisure and tourism; forest policy, forest management plans; protection of water and soil ecosystems; productive functions of forests, felling, roundwood, non-wood forest goods; mapping and landscape architecture; environmental protection and impact assessment, biomass stock and carbon sequestration, forest related labour force, labour risks and employment; rural employment sustainability; wood import-export; renewable energy targets; cultural heritage; cross-sectoral cooperation; innovation and technological development; pulp production and chemicals; forest education and professional training.




November 19, 2018
9:30 am - 3:00 pm
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The Forestry Dome
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