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  • STARTMar 13th - 12:00am

  • ENDMar 13th - 11:59pm

  • VENUEEuropean Forestry House


Stakeholders Workshop 1

MySustainableForest is featuring six EO based services to manage forests in a more sustainable and efficient manner; services are:

  1. Forest Characterization: Forest geometric and typology characterization
  2. Wood Characterization: Looking at parameters such as wood stiffness and density
  3. Biomass and CO2 stocking: Generating above ground biomass and CO2 stock estimations in view of the climate change challenge
  4. Forest Condition
  5. Ecosystem Vulnerabilities: Flood risk, fire risk, erosion, habitat fragmentation, cultural values…
  6. Socioeconomic Functions and Conditions

Each Service shall be provided by means of a chain of operational blocks, handling multiple data sources, algorithms, a viewing interface, query systems, etc.

Services shall be implemented for six areas of interest located in Portugal, France, Spain, Croatia, Czech Republic and Lithuania. Local stakeholders linked to the forest industrial production shall take part in this and future project workshops as authorised voices of the expectations and goals to achieve with the services for an enhanced economic production in the sector.

Who should attend?

  • Project partners involved in the requirements analysis (including the description of requirements per pilot site), service chains and building blocks
  • Project partners involved in the implementation of the service platform
  • Project partners involved in the national test sites
  • Guest stakeholders, linked to the national test sites (direct invitation)

Workshop objectives

This workshop seeks the following objectives:

  • To review the forest stakeholder’s requirements behind the defined services, with site specificities
  • To discuss the level of detail reached to date, in the definition n of service components at the level of
    • service chain components
    • operational blocks
  • To discuss the high-level-architecture of the service platform
  • To propose and agree upon the possible members conforming MySustainableForest Stakeholders Board
  • To exchange with guest key forest stakeholders the draft portfolio of services



March 13, 2017


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European Forestry House
Rue du Luxembourg 66, Brussels, 1000, Belgium.
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