2020 February 06 Meeting in Portugal to refine My Sustainable Forest platform

Meeting in Portugal to refine My Sustainable Forest platform

Meeting in Portugal to refine My Sustainable Forest platform


More than 40 local stakeholders met at the offices of RAIZ, the paper and forestry research centre in Aveiro (Portugal), to assess and give their vision of the progress of the H2020 My Sustainable Forest project, completed at its three quarters, which is currently in the validation and testing phase of its platform of remote sensing-based products for an efficient and sustainable forest management.

From 28 to 31 January the members of the My Sustainable Forest consortium, coordinated by the Spanish aerospace company GMV, met to explain to representatives of the wood and paper industry and Portuguese forest owners’ associations the services of the future My Sustainable Forest platform, which is due to be launched on the market after the project’s conclusion at the end of 2020.

After a presentation of the project’s progress and development, and an explanatory session on the characteristics of the products (ranging from forest site characterisation, biomass and CO₂ stocking to forestry accounting), several training and dynamic sessions were held to obtain their feedback, opinions and constructive comments with the aim of improving the platform for potential future customers in the forestry sector.


Along with the opinions of the participants in the workshop on the 28th, during the same week the members of the My Sustainable Forest project presented before a review panel of the Executive Research Agency of the European Commission, led by the project officer Iulia Simon, the first tangible results of the products of the My Sustainable Forest platform. During this presentation, they outlined the business model that will be carried out to commercialise the platform in the future and maximise its impact not only in the forest sector but also in other industries, such as the infrastructure one, which require analysis of the fragmentation of biodiversity using satellite images.

To conclude the week of meetings, the My Sustainable Forest team had the opportunity to visit the eucalyptus plantations of the Navigator paper company in Quintarrei, in the suburban region of Porto: one of the most productive areas of the country, which in recent years has been seriously affected by large forest fires.

This article was originally published by the European Forest Institute, partner of the My Sustainable Forest project, in the scientific dissemination platform Medforest.