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MySustainableForest in the light of global changes: forestry targets, policy objectives and megatrends

Impacts of climate change on forests around the world are worrisome. Changes in growth patterns, drought induced mortality, and species distribution shift have been observed in many forest ecosystems. Albeit being drastically impacted by changes in climate, forests are also a relevant green infrastructure mitigating climate change detrimental effects, thanks to their ecosystem services provision, […]
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MySustainableForest platform: a new commercial service to improve forest management through Earth observation solutions

The EU project MySustainableForest develops a new commercial service where users can access geoinformation products for more sustainable and efficient forest management. Forests cover more than a third of Europe’s total land area (215 million hectares). Forestry makes a significant contribution to the EU economy, employing three million people in the sector; it already accounts […]
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Promoting Earth Observation solutions for forestry in the EU Green Week

The H2020 MySustainableForest project organised a webinar aimed at training forestry end-users on the use and application of the remote sensing-based forestry services developed by the consortium during the past three years. Around 50 participants from the forest community, academia and government participated in the MySustainableForest (MSF) training webinar on Tuesday 22 September, which focused […]
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MySustainableForest Webinar #2 – 22 September 2020

Training Forestry End-Users on Earth Observation-Based Solutions  This webinar aims at training forestry end-users on the use and application of the remote sensing-based forestry services developed by MySustainableForest Project during the past three years. These services (e.g. forest characterization, biodiversity, ecosystem services estimation) integrate Earth Observation information (satellite data, LiDAR) with key forestry variables (e.g. […]
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MySustainableForest Online Webinar – 1 July 2020

Forestry Challenges and Earth Observation-based solutions: a dynamic discussion between Users and Providers MySustainableForest project invites you to the presentation of the portfolio of products for sustainable forest management. This European project aims to further integrate Earth observation into the forestry sector, demonstrating the advantage of incorporating remote sensing information into the decision making, protocols […]
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Can Earth Observation services for silviculture help business continuity during the COVID-19 situation?

The H2020 My Sustainable Forest project has developed a pre-commercial service platform for forest stakeholders, compliant with open and standard interfaces, which integrates Earth Observation data into the forest stakeholders’ decision making processes and operations. MySustainableForest partners are aware that the Covid-19 lockdown continues to affect the forestry world, however the exact nature of this impact […]
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