2019 April 05 My Sustainable Forest present at GFOI Plenary in Maputo, Mozambique

My Sustainable Forest present at GFOI Plenary in Maputo, Mozambique

My Sustainable Forest present at GFOI Plenary in Maputo, Mozambique

The Global Forest Observations Initiative, GFOI, celebrates the 2019 Plenary in Maputo, Mozambique,  from the 8th  to the 11th of April.


GFOI is an informal partnership that coordinates international support to developing countries on forest monitoring and greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting for the purposes of REDD+ and related forums. The European Union HORIZON 2020 funded project My Sustainable Forest will be presented by GMV at the GFOI Plenary exhibit.

MySustainableForest has developed a geospatial web interoperable platform which provides 6 satellite based services with 28 products for forest monitoring and management.

Products are co-designed with stakeholder’s needs and expectations, integrating in-situ data, LIDAR, airborne, sonic, high and very high resolution optical and radar satellites -Rapideye, SPOT, Sentinel 1 & 2, WorldView, Pleiades-.

At present, products are on test in 14 sites across Atlantic, Mediterranean, continental forest types and Eucalyptus globulus plantations.

My Sustainable Forest meets the following GFOI priority research topics, set for GFOI Plenary 2019:

  • The Use of data from new satellite missions including for biomass mapping from space taking advantage of 6-7 upcoming missions
  • Integration of Sentinel data along with Landsat data for example (integration of optical and radar data), in contexts including early warning (see later)
  • Early warning: responding to user needs, demonstration and upscaling in the theme of near-real time forest monitoring (see later)
  • Use of high resolution data for targeted sampling in stratified area change estimation (for long-term monitoring)
  • Exploring the idea of super-sites for key research activities, which can demonstrate operational use of new methods and technologies
Forest types product (dominant species) for Valle del Roncal (Spain) using Sentinel-2 data. Photo: GMV

Results show the suitability of My Sustainable Forest Products for REDD+ MRV protocols:

  • Products are forest-stakeholder driven (country, owners, association, etc)
  • Products are increasingly implemented in a “learning by doing approach”
  • Monitoring products safeguard the consideration of biodiversity, governance and the inclusion of local communities
  • Satellite data make parameter estimates consistent across years
  • Products data and methods are transparent: documented, quality controlled and ready for third party validation
  • Estimates of emissions and removals follow IPCC methodologies and standard formats thus being comparable across sites

Download My Sustainable Forest Poster (PDF)

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