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My Sustainable Forest project presented in Czech Republic to main local stakeholders

On 19 and 20 June, the H2020 My Sustainable Forest project was presented in the Czech town of Krtiny in the Brno region. It was a session in which the project partners of the consortium formed by GMV, as coordinator, and other entities such as EFI, Föra, Madera Plus, Foresna and the Forest Owners Association of Lithuania (FOAL) took part […]
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Forest Innovation Technologies and Projects: from the forest to the industry

MADERA+ presents the innovative components of the Wood Quality Service provided by MySustainableForest in the following forum taking place on May 22 in Madrid, Spain: “Forest Innovation Technologies and Projects: from the forest to the industry”. The event is organised by Forest-LidaRioja operating group, with the support of the Official College of Forestry Engineers. Different […]
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MySustainableForest service platform: towards a holistic view of forest management

MySustainableForest service platform is the on-line tool for users to request Earth Observation products, share in-situ data, point the area of interest, process bulky data and download final service products. Service users can request on-line customised products, upload their own data, visualise in a GIS viewer the final products and download them. The service platform […]
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MySustainableForest present at GFOI Plenary in Maputo, Mozambique

The Global Forest Observations Initiative, GFOI, celebrates the 2019 Plenary in Maputo, Mozambique,  from the 8th  to the 11th of April. GFOI is an informal partnership that coordinates international support to developing countries on forest monitoring and greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting for the purposes of REDD+ and related forums. The European Union HORIZON 2020 funded […]
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